That is you, your company, or your idea.

You want to tell everyone! Wanting to use the fastest growing marketing platform-PODCASTS!

Why settle for a standardized approach to creating your podcast? This is why J. Lewis Productions will treat you like your idea, different. No one size fits all prepackaged plans. 

Individual service is what you need. Individual service is what you will get. We meet with each client and discuss what is required by J. Lewis Productions.


  • Do you need us to guide you and help create your first few podcasts?

  • Do you only have time to record and want us to handle the rest?

  • Do you have basic questions on equipment setup and how to start?

  • Do you know that you need to podcast, but don't know where to start?

  • You keep hearing about podcasting, but just cannot figure out how it can help your business? 


The questions are endless and unknown, so how can you just click a package and purchase? ​

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