John Viviani II

The Man Behind JLewis.

Podcasting as we know it began in 2005. Broadcast media has never been the same. Admittedly I wasn't the first to jump in starting my podcast journey in 2009. An avid woodworker and automobile restoration tech, I started by listening to Wood Talk, one of the oldest woodworking podcasts on the web.

I began listening to podcasts about podcasting. Being a tinkerer, the kid who likes to take things apart and see how they work.  I had to learn how podcasts worked. By 2015, I was well on his way to starting his own podcast. Finally, in 2017 No Driving Gloves launched. My life would never be the same. 

I am an active member of-

  • The BIG Podcast Mastermind Group

  • The Podcast Editors Academy

  • The Podcast Academy

I recently completed legendary podcast Editor Steve Stewart's editing class and one of audio engineer Chris Curan's offerings.


In 2017 I also launched Magic City Podcasters, the largest and most active podcast group in Birmingham, AL. Find us on MeetUp or FaceBook and join into one of our monthly online meetings.

Before I took this deep dive into full-time podcasting, I was heavily involved in detailed concour restoration of low production automobiles, and historic preservation of artifacts ranging from statues up to work with the Saturn V moon rockets and items recovered from the Titanic. somewhere I even squeezed in developing and marketing large scale events for a major museum. My life has been dedicated to educating, marketing, and detail-oriented work. Exactly what JLewis Productions offers you. The qualities needed to produce your podcast at the level it deserves.

This has been a  learning experience all the way. From equipment choices, an ever-changing market, marketing, and promotion, the technical ends of podcast production (recording, interfacing, editing, distribution, Legalieze, Apple) I have experienced it all. If I don't know by being in the podcast space for 11 of the 15 years it has existed I know where to get the answers.

We all start somewhere. 1st studio, HP Laptop, AudioTechnica MTX-40 Headphones and AT-2005 Microphone

Hall of Fame Podcaster Dave Jackson and I at The Bid Podcast Meetup, Nashville 2017

Big Podcast MeetUp-

Nashville 2017

Magic City Podcasters MeetUp July 2019

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