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Magic City Podcasters, a group of hobby podcasters and podcast listeners who just want to talk podcasting. MCP was designed for the Birmingham, AL area podcasters, but welcomes everyone.

Magic City Podcasters was started in July of 2017, by podcaster and podcast consultant John Viviani. MCP has become Birmingham, Alabama's largest and most active podcasting group.


Magic City Podcasters is a group of people who enjoy podcasting. 

Our meetings are usually attended by people who have been podcasting for years. This means they can share their knowledge with newcomers. They also discuss things among themselves, which may be advanced, but it is always goods to be exposed. 

Sometimes we have special guests remote in for custom Q&As or just toi discuss podcasting.

We have a relationship with YouTubers of Birmingham and while they hold their own meetings specific to YouTube, they can always help if you have a video podcast.

If you are a listener, a podcast producer, looking to start your podcast, want to explore opportunities in podcasting we can help or at least point you the correct direction.

Our purpose is to teach the hobby podcaster about podcasting. Or teach someone who wants to listen to podcasts how to. We want to keep you up to date on the latest changes in podcasting, being such a new medium it is constantly changing.


Simply put you will learn what you ask. We encourage questions. We do not broadcast or record the sessions for future releases. What is said is between you and the group. 

Each meeting is different and the room knowledge meeting to meeting is different. We may have a marketer join in. We may have a video expert. We may have an audio engineer. Unless we post a special guest we never know who will attend. 

This Page and Group is hosted by

John Viviani



Conversations in this group may refer to JLewis Productions, however we speek freely and discuss podcasting openly. The goal is to get more persons into the podcasting hobby. 

Some items suggested for sale may be reffal links or simalar. These may result in John or JLP to recieve a personal benfit.

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