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JLewis Productions watches the industry

Part of being an effective Podcast Producer is keeping up to date on the industry. The team at JLewis Productions subscribes to a dozen email newsletter, listens to podcasts about podcasting, participates in confrences and mastermind groups to stay informed. WE pass this along to you when you are a client.

If you are not a client we still want to help keep you informed. WIth the JLP Blog we will post the most important news we see. We will also voice are thoughts, as we see fit. Many of oyr articles are reposts and will direct to to outside sources. Please click these links and complete your reading their. WHile we have the news here, if the article is linked those are the people who did the real work. We just removed the needle from the information haystack.

If you are a content producer and don't wish to have your article reposted here, shoot us an email and it will be removed.

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