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  • work with you to build and create your podcast

  • keep you informed of changes happing in podcasting 

  • advise you on new technologies to help you podcast

  • be available for any non-technical questions you may have

  • auditing of your show and providing feedback

  • one hour, a la carte, or ongoing packages are available.

  • much more



JLP is able to edit your podcast and prepare it for publication. Our base package includes a full edit, crutch words (umms and ahhs), long pauses, moving voices on individual tracks to avoid overlap, repeated words, stuttering caused by Zoom, Skype, etc., Clean up background noises where possible.


Pricing varies with episode and contract length.



JLP can do everything for your podcast, so all you have to do is show up and record. JLP can even be present during recording as a director. JLP can arrange guests, help set up your studio, help with your artwork, work with the best software for your recording needs, edit, upload, and publish. (JLP does not make detailed show notes nor write the episode descriptions but will outsource if required.)


Each package is custom-tailored to fit your needs.

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