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Guest Information

Congratulations on becoming a guest! There are a few things that we should cover before the day we have our interview.

  • First, you will be communicating with me, John Viviani, Host, Creator, and Producer of Small Business Birmingham. I can be reached via email at or 205.470.0191 in case you need to get in touch

  • An email link will be sent prior to the show for Zoom or  Streamyard.  If you choose a phone call, I will call the number provided in your information form at the scheduled appointment time. I will reach out if you choose in person.

If you have not listened to Small Business Birmingham before, we are an interview-style podcast. Our goal is to find out a bit about you as a person, your troubles, and successes as a small business owner. We are not teaching business, we are just making small business owners seem approachable and maybe inspire others to become entrepreneurs. The interview style is very informal. We do try to keep a "clean" rating, so we ask that you try and watch your language. 

Next, we ask you to use a particularly good quality, corded, USB headset, or a Dynamic Cardioid Microphone. The microphone built into your laptop or desktop does not provide good audio quality. If all you have ail built-in mic on your computer, we would prefer the interview be done over the phone.

Make sure you have a QUIET spot. Be aware of background noises such as fans, heaters, air-conditioners, generators, etc.

We thank you for joining us on Small Business Birmingham.

By scheduling the interview I agree to all terms and conditions.

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